SURREPTITIOUSLY, the Chief Tajudeen Ajibola utterances to scuttle the process of Balogun of Ibadanland, Chief Akinloye Olakunlehin of becoming the next Olubadan is suggestive, to drag the Executive Governor of the state, into a purely an issue that has no relevance with the traditions and chieftancy declarations.

Ajibola claims in the Press Conference addressed is “suprious, callous,malicious and wicked” to tarnish the reputation of Governor Seyi Makinde’s reputation by dropping his name. Is this not aimed at looking for a safety valve after losing out after politicising the seamless process of choosing Obaship in Ibadanland for over two decades to upturn the ever cherished process.

Why should any sane person or group of persons feel their knowledge of historical records is superior to others? Why is Chief Ajibola bent in throwing the peace of Ibadan into trash bag just because of self – glorification and agrandisement? Despite spirited efforts of the Elders of Ibadanland for over a week to restore peace and calm frail nerves among contending gladiators in the royal inner circles, it is apparent the discordant tune is deeply rooted in inordinate ambitions as emerged at Ajibola’s news briefing.

Barely few hours after the Centurion Chief Bode Amoo supported by many group of Elders, that comprises eminent captains of business and technocrats/lawyers and past/present leaders of the Apex Club – Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes ,the umbrella body of all cultural clubs had rejoiced that the siege was over for peace to reign, the 80 year old Otun Balogun of Ibadan, reneged to stage ‘a counter offensive’ that his immediate superior Chief Owolabi Akinloye Olakunlehin is not medically fit to occupy the throne due to trump up health challenges associated with old age.

Ajibola vituperations before the newsmen is uncalled for. Is it in his interest and of Ibadan to throw decency to the winds as a member of the inner royal family in Ibadan to castigate the lineage his own progenitor had benefitted? Could it have been aptly said that this kingmaker is hallucinating or suffering from amnesia to bring into reckoning past trackings of the previous occupiers of the seat. It’s deception for anyone to be talking or encouraging a vacuum to exist. It is a disservice.

We of the IBILE G-7 would unequivocally state that :Governor Seyi Makinde should not be used in Ajibola’s drive to perpetrate injustice as the High ranking Chief is determined to refresh himself with legal practice which he abandoned for royal pecks for years with Ibadan chieftancy declaration laws.

Mr. Governor, your predecessors in office had to go through grinding when a similar issue came up in 1999. His Excellency can not claim to be oblivious of the challenges encountered by the immediate past occupier of the seat. Going by the records, Ajibola can not claim to be right in his assertion to say that because of the old age related challenges Olakunlehin should be denied his due promotion to Olubadan stool. Ajibola should not be reminded that he once said his elevation to wear crown was longo overdue, when the process that brought him had been overtly corrupted.

However, IBILE G-7 is patiently watching the drama – as aptly described in the works of Reverend Williams Anderson Scott ,an American Presbyterian Minister and author in his book:Daniel , a Model for young Men (1854) – Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad . IBILE G-7 would not want to believe nor share this. ” This avowed stance of Chiefs Ajibola and Hamidu Ajibade is a trajectory that breeds bad blood in Ibadan. We therefore call on the Governor to use his good offices to step into this matter before it degenerates. ”

IBILE G-7 can disclose that out of 11 Kingmakers 9 have endorsed the nomination of Chief Owolabi Akinloye Olakunlehin as the next Olubadan. The traditional consultation called “kan-kun” (knocking the door) has gone round the Kingmakers. The Thursday presentation of the new King – IBILE G-7 learnt has been shifted to Friday April at the ancient Mapo Hall.

IBILE G-7 pray for the peace of Ibadanland and Oyo state in general.

Kesh Awefada

Kesh Awefada

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